Going once...going twice...fair warning!

The 7th annual Grand Fall Auction will be held on the church grounds on Saturday, September 09, 2017 at 12:00 noon.  This event has become a significant church fundraiser and great fun for all to boot!  We are beginning to build our catalog of goods, and to that end are seeking donations from all members, their families, friends, and neighbors.  If each church family contributes just one high quality, desirable, interesting, unusual, can’t-buy-it-at-Walmart item, we will have a full afternoon of auction excitement.

“What kinds of goods,” you ask?




In the past, we have sold nearly everything imaginable: 

  • Antiques of every variety;
  • Signed fine art -- paintings, sculpture, ceramics;    
  • Appliances in good working order;
  • Books -- from rare first editions to contemporary cookbooks -- donate the best;
  • Building products;     
  • China and pottery;
  • Collectibles -- coins, stamps, teapots, sports cards...the sky is the limit;                 
  • Electronics;
  • Fashion and accessories;
  • Gadgets;
  • Glassware;
  • Seasonal treasures;
  • Home decor;
  • Jewelry -- fine or costume;
  • Musical instruments and accouterments;
  • Needlecraft;
  • Silver and silver plate;
  • Sporting goods;
  • Tools;
  • Toys & games. 

PLEASE...no broken, soiled, incomplete or otherwise undesirable items. 
            A self-explanatory pledge form is available by   CLICKING HERE.  You are encouraged to print and distribute them liberally among your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  We have found that 300 to 350 items are what we can comfortably handle in an afternoon without wearing out our guests, so there is a limit.  When it comes to donating, “first come -- first served” is the rule.  Fill out your form(s) giving as much information about your donated goods as possible.  Bring or mail your completed form to the church office.  A catalog will be published on-line to attract the community to the event.  Since there is no room to store anything at the church,

  PLEASE do not bring your goods to the church until Friday, Sept 11.

Some Featured Items up for auction: