Please note: the Food Pantry is closed
until further Notice... 

The UMCLR Food Pantry provides food and personal items for people in need in the local community.  We work in conjunction with Island Harvest, a Long Island food distribution leader.  There has been a significant increase in requests for food and to meet that need, the capacity of the food pantry was increased. 

Our principle duties include:

1.    Maintaining the UMCLR food pantry in accordance with Island Harvest guidelines
2.    Coordinating food donations from Island Harvest and the congregation
3.    Obtaining donated food, weekly, from Island Harvest
4.    Staffing the food pantry one day a week on Wednesday
5.    Logging the distribution of food to clients
6.    Regularly monitoring and discarding any outdated foods
7.    Monitoring the thermometers in our refrigerators and freezers to ensure the appropriate temperatures are always maintained
8.    Preparing the appropriate monthly reports for Island Harvest

Specifically, we have:

1.    Attended classes and received formal certification from Island Harvest which is a requirement to operate our Food Pantry
2.    Expanded our storage facilities tripling our capacity which allowed us to increase both storage and ease of operation
3.     Added a refrigerator to store meat, frozen food, fresh fruit and vegetables.
4.    Significantly expanded our food distribution wherein we are providing food for approximately 400 clients (adults, children, seniors, and pets) on a monthly basis

Please continue your contributions of food, pet supplies and personal grooming items to allow this community mission to continue to thrive.   Specific recommendations are posted next to the Food Pantry closet.  You are our backbone.