United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women is a community whose purpose is to learn about and grow to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive membership; and to expend concepts of mission through participation in the immediate, local and global ministries of the church.

Our principle duties include:

1.    Spiritual growth through prayer and programs
2.    Learning and growing in our understanding of missions, both local and international
3.    Supporting local or international missions, as well as needs in our church through fundraising efforts
4.    Participating in meetings, Bible studies, events and projects to develop our Christian walk and support each other in Christ

Specifically, we have:

1.    Attended retreats for spiritual meditation and fellowship
2.    Sponsored fundraising projects: a UMW Yard Sale, UMW Spring Sale, UMW New in Box Sale, and a Pancake Breakfast
3.    Donated items to the Fall Auction
4.    Held numerous Bake Sales
5.    Donated to the UMCLR General Fund, the Trustees, the Imagine No Malaria mission, and the DaysforGirls Project

There is no membership test, no dues and no required participation in any UMW event to join the UMW.  The UMW affords each woman of our church the opportunity to pray, learn, laugh and share together.  Our fundraising allows us to “do good” in this world by our financial support of causes and missions selected by the membership.  Our activities allow us to give of ourselves to God and to our church, to get to know each other in a loving and supportive atmosphere and to enjoy working toward a common goal.