United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men’s purpose is to create and instill a sense of support and fellowship among men who seek to grow spiritually through doing God’s work daily.  We welcome all men in the church to be active members, to learn about their role in Christian life, apply their faith in daily life and develop their talents and abilities in service to God, while enjoying the sense of community and fellowship with other men. 

Our principle self-imposed charter objectives include:

1.    Encouraging knowledge of and support for the mission of our United Methodist Church
2.    Helping men identify and clarify their role in today’s “contemporary” society
3.    Engaging men in local Christian community service
4.    Seeking commitment to daily Bible study, prayer and discipleship
5.    Providing opportunities for fellowship and Christian education and learning through breakfasts, dinners, spiritual retreats and gatherings
6.    Aiding, assisting and providing Bibles for those in need
7.    Helping sponsor church programs, financially and with volunteer assistance
8.    Encouraging and supporting participation in church sponsored Mission trips
9.    Framing an understanding of the man’s role in Christian life
10.    Helping men develop a sense of personal awareness and self‐confidence
11.    Providing an opportunity to get away, be yourself and be one with God  

Specific examples of things we have done include:

1.    Held an annual fall Sauerbraten Dinner for over 25 years running
2.    Held an annual spiritual retreat, at Camp Quinipet on Shelter Island, for over 25 years
3.    Supported and took an active role in UMC work trips to Haiti
4.    Supported and sponsored numerous Habitat for Humanity builds
5.    Sent work teams to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy
6.    Financially supported kids going to summer camp, Appalachian Trail walks, teacher sabbaticals, kids sports participation and other individual sundry spiritual journeys 

By our faith and fellowship, our UMM strives to give men the sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.  We seek to give the men an opportunity to enlarge their circle of acquaintances while it develops the spirit of men working together in support of each other, a common goal, and our Lord Jesus Christ.  All men are welcome to become part of our long standing UMM tradition.