Lay Leadership

The roles of the lay leaders and lay members to the annual conference are separate but should be complementary. The lay leader links the local church and community while the lay member of the annual conference links the local church to the connectional UMC.  Both lay positions must be professing members of the local church.

The lay leader roles and responsibilities touch the entire breadth of the congregation’s life. Our church selects lay leader positions.  The nominations are put forth at the annual Charge Conference

The principle duties of the lay leaders include:

1.    Functioning as the primary lay representative of the laity in the local church
2.    Fostering the role of the laity in mission and ministry
3.    The Lay Leader is the conduit between the committee chairperson and the pastor to apprise the pastor in a timely manner of any important development and areas of concern.
4.    Participating as a member of the charge conference, church council, and other committees (finance, nominating/leadership development, SPPR, Trustees, missions, worship, education, memorial)
5.    Assisting in advising the church council
6.    Informing the laity of training opportunities

The size of our church membership dictates that there are 2 lay members to the annual conference.  The principle duties of the lay members include:

1.    Being an active member of the SPPRC
2.    Attending the Annual Conference and reporting back to the congregation about what transpired.